Courtney von Hippel

Courtney von Hippel is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of the Queensland.

Her research focuses on stereotyping, prejudice, and implicit attitudes. Her research on work and aging examines the consequences of feeling stereotyped at work on the basis of your age.

Showcase project

Stereotype Threat and Relationship with Job Attitudes: Courtney’s earlier research demonstrates that people who feel stereotyped at work (e.g., women in male dominated professions, men in female dominated professions) have more negative job attitudes and greater intentions to quit their jobs. Older employees are often stereotyped at work (e.g., they can be seen as resistant to change), but it is not clear whether they are also susceptible to disengagement from work when they feel stereotyped at work on the basis of their age.

Ongoing research projects

  1. Age-Based Stereotype Threat and Negative Employee Outcomes: Stress Appraisals and Rumination as Mediators

Publications pertaining to work and ageing

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