Patrick Garcia

Patrick Garcia is a Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior in the Department of Management at Macquarie University.

His research interests include workplace aggression and deviance, career self-efficacy across the lifespan, and psychological contracts of older workers.

Showcase project

Psychological contract orientations and bridge employment intentions: Older workers vary in the kind of employment relationship they want to have with the organization. In this study, we found that offering support that addresses older workers’ needs is important in encouraging them to remain in the workforce.

Ongoing research projects

  1. The consequences of ageism at work and HR discriminatory practices. 
  2. The psychological contract orientations of older workers. 
  3. The experience of psychological contract breach among older workers. 

Publications pertaining to work and ageing

Garcia, P.R.J.M., Bordia, P., Restubog, S.L.D., & Caines, V. (2018). Sleeping with a broken promise: The moderating role of generativity concerns in the relationship between psychological contract breach and insomnia among older workers. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39, 326-338.


Garcia, P.R.J.M., Milkovits, M., & Bordia, P. (2014). The impact of work-family conflict on late-career workers’ intentions to continue paid employment: A social cognitive career theory approach. Journal of Career Assessment, 22, 682-699.