Valerie Caines

Valerie Caines is a Senior Lecturer in the Adelaide Business School at the University of Adelaide.

Her research focusses on late-career, career longevity, and retirement transition. Her research on grey entrepreneurship examines age-related factors which influence interest in entrepreneurship in late career. Additionally, her research on retirement transition examines the phenomenon of resistance to retirement from an individual and organisational perspective.

Ongoing research projects

  1. Resistance to retirement among professionals: This project investigates individual and organisational contexts that are likely to cause or prevent resistance to retirement which can create conflict in personal, professionals and organisational settings.  

Publications pertaining to work and ageing

  • Melville, A., Caines, V. (2021 in press). The Grey Zone: The Implications of the Ageing Legal Profession in Australia, Legal Ethics. 

  • Caines, V. D., Crane, M. F., Noone, J., Griffin, B., Datta, S., & Earl, J. K. (2020). Older workers: Past, present, and future. Australian Journal of Management, 45(3), 425–448.

  • Caines, V., Earl, J. K., & Bordia, P. (2019). Self-Employment in Later Life: How Future Time Perspective and Social Support Influence Self-Employment Interest. Frontiers in psychology, 10, 448-448.

  • Garcia, P. R.J., Bordia, P., Restubog, S. L.D., & Caines, V. (2018).  Sleeping with a broken promise: the moderating role of generativity concerns in the relationship between psychological contract breach and insomnia amongst older workers.   Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39 (3), 326-338, doi: