Sanjee Perera

Dr Sanjee (Sanjeewa) Perera is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, University of South Australia and a researcher within the Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX).

Her research interests include emotion in the workplace and workforce diversity.

Showcase project

Mature-age workers and stereotype threat: The project investigates the organizational contexts that are most likely to induce or inhibit concerns about age stereotypes. 

Ongoing research projects

  1. Work experiences of mature-age people.
  2. Gender diversity practices in organisations.
  3. Career success of business school academics.

Publications pertaining to work and ageing

Kulik, C. T., Perera, S., & Cregan, C. (2016). Engage me: The mature-age worker and stereotype threat. Academy of Management Journal, 59, 2132-2156.

Perera, S., Sardeshmukh, S. R., & Kulik, C. T. (2015). In or out: Job exits of older workers. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 53, 4-21.